Is Curatorship right for me?

The Curatorship MA is a common launching point for diverse professional paths. Some students will seek a professional edge before deciding to continue in a more traditional doctoral program. Others wish to develop (or to continue) a career working with images and objects in a particular area of artistic or cultural endeavor.  Still others seek to expand their undergraduate training with a combination of work experience and rigorous graduate academic work. If these or other reasons motivate you to learn more about material culture amidst the resources of a world-renowned community of scholars and curators, then we invite you to join us in the Curatorship MA.

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What about Museum Studies?

If you seek broader training in Museum Studies (including preparation in areas of museum administration and practice not central to the IU Curatorship MA), then we recommend IUPUI’s Museum Studies program in Indianapolis—where an outstanding interdisciplinary faculty, together with the staff of that city’s many museums and cultural institutions, work together to train museum professionals across a wide range of skills.